A new year often brings with it a renewed zeal for getting fit, this also means more visits to the gym. Although a gym is usually considered a healthy place, it can also be the perfect environment for unhealthy conditions to flourish. What steps can you take to ensure you stay healthy while working out?


A gym is generally a warm, humid place with little natural lighting making a great environment for bacteria. One study even revealed that there were more bacteria on some gym equipment than that usually found on toilet seats. Granted, not all gyms have such high levels of bacteria, but we must take every precaution when using gym equipment. So, how should you protect yourself while at the gym?


We come into contact with germs mainly through touching them with our hands so, avoid touching your face while exercising and using equipment and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly both before and after your work out.


Are you someone who likes to go around barefoot? You may want to reconsider this while at the gym as numerous communicable health conditions can be transmitted. Even while walking around the changing rooms or sauna, etc. make sure you wear flip flops or some other type of footwear.


Another good way of staying healthy at the gym is to bring your own towels. This way you can be certain the only germs on it are your own. Take more than one towel with you.  One for wiping gym equipment and one for using after the shower. Yes, getting in shape is great for your health but it’s important to be cautious while at the gym.