In our last blog, we talked about biological pollutants and their presence in a home. This month we are going to continue the A woman with her hand in her face.theme by considering whether these pollutants could be affecting the health of you or your household.


It should be noted first that you should consult with your doctor before assuming that biological pollutants are the cause of your ailment. The symptoms associated with an allergy to bio pollutants are much like those of many other health problems. Before your appointment, though, you may want to think about the following questions as these could help your GP in making an accurate diagnosis.


Have you had some type of energy conservation work done to your home recently like weatherstripping, insulating, or the installation of storm windows? Were you experiencing any of your current symptoms before having the work done? If you have just moved house, did your health problems start after the move?


Do you have high humidity levels inside the home? Are there musty or moldy odors that would indicate a moisture intrusion issue? Does water tend to accumulate on hard surfaces such as windows, ceilings, or walls?


How long has it been since your air conditioning units or humidifiers were cleaned and the filters changed?


Are there any problems with rodents, cockroaches, or insects, etc. in your home?


If you have been suffering from headaches, tiredness, fever, stuffy nose, trouble breathing, and dry throat, etc., do these symptoms disappear after you spend time out of doors?


If you can answer yes to some or all of these questions, then it is possible that biological pollutants are affecting you, so make sure to let your doctor know.