So, you’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect home but, the home inspection has reported defects with the property.  What should you do next?


The important thing to remember is that there are a variety of reasons why the home inspection will report defects with the property, some might be more serious than others.  The report may have noted things like faulty smoke detectors or missing roof shingles as defective but, these are relatively minor issues to fix and shouldn’t be too expensive.  Then there are much more serious issues such as mold or structural damage etc.  Problems like this would be a much bigger job and cost a lot more money to remedy.  In some cases, you may decide the problem is too big and it would be best not to go ahead with the purchase.  In either case, its clear to see the value of the home inspection.


If the home inspector who inspects your property is a building contractor as well, is it ok to have them fix the defects they find? Use caution in a situation like this.  While it may seem like a great idea, it may well call into question how accurate the report is.  It could also appear that the home inspector was purposely finding problems just so that they could fix them.  It is best to choose an InterNACHI certified home inspector who abides by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics to inspect your property.  In this way, you will guarantee a thorough and honest home inspection.