A lot of people associate home inspections with older properties, however, what about a newly constructed home, or a home still under construction? Is a home inspection necessary in this case? After all, it has not had time to develop the issues associated with many older homes.  Here are some reasons why involving your home inspector during and after the building process is so important:


One reason is that, while unintentionally done, mistakes do happen during construction and these mistakes often go unnoticed. This can lead to problems developing later on. For example, someone working on the home could cause damage to electrical outlets or pipework, etc. that will then be covered up with drywall so the problem would not be obvious to you.


If your home inspector looks through the home during different phases of the build it will enable him/her to get to know the building inside out and detect any problems, before drywall or other finishes are used. Another benefit to your home inspector knowing every detail of the building is that, should issues arise much later, they will be able to detect and diagnose the problem much quicker than someone who is looking at the home for the first time.


From this brief consideration it’s clear to see the many benefits to getting your home inspector involved at the beginning of a home construction project, plus, even if you have no construction experience yourself, you will have confidence in knowing that someone is looking out for your best interests.