January is often a time when many people start making their plans for the year. What about your home? Do you have some A house with a fire hydrant in the middle of itprojects you’d like to get done? When it comes to the home, i’m sure you will agree that maintenance is vital but, did you know that you can have an annual maintenance inspection?


Why is a yearly maintenance inspection a good idea? If you think about all the things that are recommended to have checked once a year, it makes sense that you should include your home in that list. For example, our cars have to be inspected every year to check that they are still roadworthy. It is also recommended that we have household appliances serviced once a year to ensure they are working properly. We even have an annual health exam to maintain our health. It is good to think of our house in the same way, after all, we spend so much time at home, we want to take good care of them.


Yet another advantage of having an annual home inspection is that small issues can be diagnosed before they become big problems that would be very expensive to repair. You could even say that this type of inspection will save you thousands in the long run.


Perhaps you are worried that a home maintenance inspection will be too expensive, you may be surprised to learn, however, that they are rather affordable. Ask yourself, when was the last time my home was inspected? The answer is very often when the home was purchased. So, why not schedule your annual inspection for 2021? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any home inspection questions.