The use of light in a home is crucial to setting the right tone and can make all the difference when it comes to creating a warm and inviting space. Of course, natural daylight is generally a preferred method for illuminating a space but, what if darker areas of your home do not allow for traditional windows? Here are a few alternative approaches to adding natural light into a home:


While there are a few different alternatives to traditional windows, perhaps one of the most popular options are skylights. This type of window is extremely effective at providing a maximum amount of natural light and can completely transform a dark area of the home. When installing skylights, however, it’s important to choose double-paned windows and ensure the flashing is done correctly.


Another very effective option is the use of clerestory windows. Placed high on a wall, these wide but short windows allow a lot of natural light into a room. Due to the positioning of clerestory windows, they can provide some added heat during the winter but because of the roof overhang, they do let too much sun heat up the room during the hot summer months.


Light tubes are yet another way to add a lot of natural light into a space. The tubes are coated in a very reflective material that allows natural light to successfully channel through the tube, a lens is also fitted to the tube which is designed to enhance low-level light but at the same time minimize the sun’s midday intensity. To help distribute the daylight evenly, a light diffuser is added.


So, if you are looking to transform a dark space in your home, perhaps one of these natural lighting alternatives could work for you.