Have you just moved into a new home where the previous occupant was a smoker?  It can be a real challenge to remove the stubborn odor that results from tobacco so, here are a few suggestions to help you deal with this annoying problem:


Nicotine leaves behind a difficult to remove oily residue which will stick to anything.  You may not have noticed but it even sticks to light bulbs which, when turned on, start to warm up and diffuse odor into the room.  It would be a good idea to replace all the light bulbs in the home or give them a thorough cleaning.  Another important step to take is replace all HVAC filters.  If the home came with blinds that you would like to keep, take them all down and soak them in the bathtub, then give them a good scrub and hang them to dry.  If there are soft furnishing such as curtains you would like to keep, these would benefit from being professionally cleaned.


For hard surfaces, choose cleaners that contain ammonia as this will help remove the odor.  A word of caution with acidic cleaners, though, it is not advisable to use them on surfaces like wood.


There are some areas where odor removal is very difficult, a carpet is one such area.  It will most likely be best to remove the carpets and replace them.  Before installing new carpet, however, make sure the flooring underneath is cleaned very well.


You will most probably want to paint the walls of your new home and this can be a good way to eliminate tobacco odor but, this is not always a foolproof method and the odor could still come through.


No one wants to deal with obnoxious odors left behind by the previous tenant but following these simple suggestions will help eliminate them from your new home.