Even though a person may take every precaution they can, the fact is that fires are a huge risk for a home, and they happen frequently.  So, what if you are thinking about buying a home that has had some fire damage? What should you expect?


It’s important to know whether the home you wish to buy has been involved in a fire at any time because even the smallest of fires can do a lot of damage.  Very often the worst damage does not come from the fire itself.  For example, damage from smoke is a big issue.  The smallest of fires will produce a great deal of smoke which will fill the entire house.  If this smoke damage is not cleaned up properly, it could cause a range of health problems such as respiratory issues.


Obviously, when a fire breaks out the top priority is to put it out as quickly as possible and a firefighter will use whatever means are necessary to do this.  This generally results in a great deal of water damage. Water damage can result in some serious issues for the home especially if it was not dealt with in the correct manner, including dangerous mold growth which can affect the home and produce many problems for some time after the initial damage.


Fire can also leave behind many harmful, caustic substances.  The danger is increased because these substances are not visible and present a dangerous health risk.


As we can see, even a small fire can produce some very dangerous effects.  To help you choose a home that is safe, always involve your home inspector, who will be able to determine to what extent a home has been affected by fire by performing a thorough home inspection.